This Week’s Featured Love Bugs 🌻

✨ Kayla Lyons, 20, Houston Tx
The thought of someone’s daughter looking at me as I walk on the street or watch me on TV with my natural kinky hair, brown skin, and being able to love herself a little bit more because she sees me unapologetically expressing who she is why I must love myself❤️

✨ Akabalon Khalfani , 20, Akron, Ohio
I’m inspired to love myself because I’m the past I’ve let people hurt me and that affected the way I loved myself. I had to realize the first I am I child of God and I will always be loved but also importantly no one can love me like I love myself. Self care and self love are both important and it’s critical to over yourself for who you are and everything that comes with you. I guess I would have to say what inspires me the most is knowing the woman I want to become and in order to be that I have to love myself enough to get there.

✨ Jaliyah, 19, Memphis
 What inspires me to love myself is by accepting the fact that I’m a human and imperfect. I’m inspired by the fact that even though I’m human and make mistakes, love is the the greatest healing power for anything. And once you accept yourself for who your truly are, you can do what you were destined to do in the first place. With self confidence and self assurance, you can go a long way with reaching your own personal goals. You just have to believe in yourself, so I love myself because when I get inspired, I always create something beautiful out of it. Even if it’s a new attitude, or a new motto to live by.

✨ Tyleah, 24, Philly.
What inspires me to love myself is the younger versions of me that felt unloved. Every bitter tear that I cried in the spirit of self-hate is what inspires me to love myself. Also, I strive to love myself for the empowerment of other black women. When we love ourselves individually, we can inspire and uplift those around us.