Lets start this journey!

Every human being strives to love themselves, to look past their flaws, and to fully embrace who they are. We search high and low for ways to appreciate who we are, which makes us question “What’s my purpose?” I just started my freshmen year in college and i’m currently asking myself this same question. I’m at the point in my life where i’m finding who I truly am. Its amazing how we assume we have everything about life figured out but then life hits us and says “you thought!” Growing up we have been programmed by society and now that we’re becoming adults we have to learn how to decode ourselves from what society instilled in us. I’m on this journey to break barriers and become more than what society says I will be.  On this journey we can learn how to love ourselves together and get closer and closer to finding our purpose. Are you ready?



PS: Don’t forget to tell yourself “Love you self!”

4 thoughts on “Lets start this journey!”

  1. Your blog has been very inspiring and uplifting. You have a really good and solid head on your shoulders, and I know it is not easy these days with so much going on. I really applaud your attitude. I am happy to have found your blog. I will keep reading.


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