Leave the past behind 

We all have had our share of good/bad memories. The things we go through make us the people we are today, but sometimes we let those bad memories define us as a person. In order to grow you have to leave the past behind. A quote one of my youth pastors always say is ” You don’t look like what you’ve been through.” Lord knows I definitely don’t look like what I’ve been through. Another saying one my bestfriends told me was.   “When you’re driving, it’s good to look in your rear view mirror every once in a while, but if you keep looking at it without looking forward, you’re gonna crash.” We gotta keep looking and moving forward despite what our past is. This is coming from a girl who’s been through a lot. Of course I’m still a young girl in college trying to find myself, I’m still learning as we speak. I still let those things define me sometimes but I know one day I won’t let those things control me or hold me down anymore. I won’t be the girl that ends up on drugs like her mother, I won’t be the girl who didn’t have a father in her life and turn to men for love, and I won’t live another day without trying to love myself for the beautiful girl that I am. I know in order for the both of us to continue going on this journey, we have to leave those doubts and worries behind. Society doesn’t want you to love yourself for who you are, they want to remind you about the “negative” past you have because in their opinion what others before you have become that’s what you will be, but I’m here to tell you…You don’t look like what you’ve been through. Some of yall might have to tell me that too! We’re still learning to love ourselves in this big world full of people telling us otherwise but I know that we’ll make it through this journey together! 



PS: Don’t forget to tell yourself “LoveYOUself” 

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