Release It

If you’re like me you’re probably one of the most emotional, sensitive, and caring human beings ever! No matter what’s going on in your life it will never cause as much pain as it would seeing a friend or family members going down the wrong path. Them going down the wrong path could be your opinion. I mean who are we to decide what’s actually best for someone. I’m saying this but gods knows I’m still going to be that girl that tries to give her friends an whole essay about why or why they shouldn’t do certain things. I can admit I have an issue. I let others people decisions and choices in life affect me. I get so worked up because I’m thinking about all these consequences I don’t want to see them go through. I get so worked up to the point where I’m actually angry at them, I look at them completely different. I’m trying my best to find a solution to a problem that’s not even mine. Meanwhile they don’t even see it as a problem, it’s just an everyday thing you know? Then I finally ask myself “Ashanti why are you getting so worked up over their decision?!” We all have friends and family that make choices in our life that we don’t agree with. We work ourselves so much trying to prove to them that maybe what their doing isn’t right for them, but the truth is we’re only worrying and stressing ourselves. Sometimes we just have to accept what they do and who they are. If you’re like me this may be difficult to understand sometimes, but think about it. Doesn’t god do that with us? Regardless of what choices we make he still accepts us for who we are. He knows sooner or later we will find out what’s really good for us and what’s not. He still loves us, even when we give him reasons not to. Let’s be honest, who are we to judge anyone? Stop letting other peoples descions affect you and do the best thing you could ever do for them… PRAY! Realease your grip of worry and hate from the other person and give it to God. Release release release!



P.S. Don’t forget to tell yourself “Love You Self”

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