Mississippi Positivity: That’sSoGio

During my short time in college, I met a friend named Gio who also happens to be an amazing YouTuber and a great supporter of LoveYOUself💘🌺. Not only does she and her YouTube channel spread positive and funny vibes around the world, but she has also sprinkled those same vibes into my life. She’s cool and down to earth in her videos and in person; I can tell you that from getting to know her myself! For awhile, her videos were unnoticed, but one popular video changed all of that for her! Her series of prank call videos brought a lot of attention to her channel. Now she has around 10,000+ subscribers! I had the honor of asking her a few questions so you and I can get to know her on a deeper level.

Interview Questions:

Me: When did you start your YouTube?

Her: I started on January 2014.

Me:  What’s your purpose for starting YouTube?

Her: My purpose is to make people smile and enjoy their time while watching my videos. 

 Me: What has kept you motivated to keep pursing this dream?

Her: Other Youtubers have kept me motivated. I love seeing their content and how far they have come. My supporters also keep me motivated. Their love and constant support is what keeps me motivated to keep going, and it means the world to me.

Me:  What are some big influences that contribute to you starting/maintaining your YouTube channel?

Her: My favorite Youtubers influence me to keep going. I see how much fun they have while creating content, and it makes me want to do the same thing. 

Me:  What are some positive and negatives about YouTube?

Her:  Some postivies for me are editing and uploading. I have a passion for editing. I get creative as I can, and I create  a whole piece of “art”.  I also enjoy uploading, because I get so excited. I imagine my supporters getting excited about a new video just like I get excited for other Youtubers uploading. A negative to YouTube is that’s it’s really time consuming. For me, I make a plan/schedule so I can make time and create the best quality. Another negative is the hate comments. It’s rare for me to get a hate comment, but I’ve gotten a few. It doesn’t really effect me. I actually laugh at some of them because they’re funny.

Me:  How do you come up with your ideas for your videos?

Her: I get inspiration from other creators. Obviously don’t try to copy them, but I try put my own twist to it. I also get my ideas from seasons. I’ve done a few videos according to the seasons. (Like summer and fall.) 

Me: How do you handle negativity from others while trying to spread positivity? 

Her:  I don’t even put too much importance to it. I know that people leaving the comments don’t know me personally. They’re just people trying to make others feel bad. I think I’m pretty strong when it comes to things like that, well to a certain extent. 

Me: 10 years from now, what do you see in the future with YouTube?

Her: I have no idea ,but hopefully i’m still making videos and enjoying what I do.

Me: How did your peers first react once you told them about YouTube? 

Her: They were pretty chill about it. They thought it was cool how I’m documenting my life. 

Me: What is a big goal that you would like to reach with YouTube? 

Her: A goal for me is to come up brand new,unique ideas for videos. 

Me:  What is some encouraging advice to anyone that’s interested in starting their own YouTube channel?

Her:  Some advice that I would give is to be yourself. People will like you so much more for being who you really are. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. You don’t need expensive equipment to start off either. So many people think that you need an expensive camera, lighting, and editing software. That’s not the idea at all. Everyone starts off from the bottom and eventually work their way up. I would get into detail but that would take forever. There SO MANY helpful videos that can guide you in the right direction to create the right content for yourself and your viewers. 

I hope you guys enjoyed getting to know Gio for the amazing, influential, and positive person she is. I would love for you guys to check out and subscribe to her channel. I promise you that you won’t regret it!  Everyone needs some positivity in their life, and Mississippi got it for ya! 

That’sSoGio YouTube Channel: 




P.S. Don’t forget to tell yourself “Love You Self!” 

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