Loving Yourself Journey/ Blogmas Day 4

I think it’s so shocking that when we’re not completely happy with ourselves, one little small imperfection can ruin our day. I experienced this today. I had been so happy these past couple of weeks because I knew I was getting one of my favorite hairstyles: my braids! The day before, I was so happy that I picked up a pack that read “black pearl”. Thinking it was completely black, I went about my day. My aunt did my hair and I was so eager to get up and look in the mirror until I saw grey all over my head!!!! I instantly wanted to burst into tears because I hated it, but I also hated myself on the inside. Everyone kept telling me, “Shanti, your hair is so cute! It’s different!” Yet, no matter what anyone said, I wasn’t satisfied. This small flaw triggered so many emotions, for I didn’t realize I had more of an issue with myself until I was uncomfortable; it brought out all of these hidden feelings to the point where it helped ruin one of the best days of my life- I can’t get this day back. I sat and thought about everything that happened, everything I said to myself, and everything about myself. I felt like such a liar! I promote self-love, though I can’t even call myself beautiful because of one temporary imperfection. When I said I’m still learning with you guys, I meant it. Sometimes, in order for us to see things in ourselves, God puts us in tough situations to reveal our true feelings. All I can say is, we have to practice what we preach. I hope you guys follow me on this journey as I learn to love MYself as well as teach you all how to love YOURself.
P.S. Don’t forget to tell yourself “Love You Self!”

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