What’s up! It’s Ray, the editor, the guy in the background, the full-time boyfriend😏. I know y’all usually see Ashanti’s blogs, but I decided to write one this time, and this one is mainly for the dudes. DUDES, STOP LUSTING OVER WOMEN! Stop! Stop, stop, stop! Lust is a huge issue in today’s society, and not only does it kill relationships, but it makes you disrespect women (or men) in a way that makes you look like a creep. You might be thinking, “Well Ray, these girls look so good! I can’t stop looking at them”. Imagine this: You and your girlfriend are walking around the mall. All of a sudden, a guy walks past her. You already know the guy is more attractive than you, he’s taller, stronger, has more money, etc. Your girl stares at him. How do you feel? Hurt? Humiliated? Disrespected? Do you feel like you aren’t good enough for her? 😨That’s how your girlfriend feels when you lust over other women while in a relationship. Let’s take it back a bit. When guys are born, society immediately tells them that they should crave women who have big butts, breasts, or thighs. It’s no wonder why we hear it in the media all the time. Lil Wayne talked about having sex with every girl in the world, the Kardashians and their sex life is in every corner of the internet, and our male peers tell us to “Look at that fine girl over there! She bad!” But why?🤔Why does society condition us to lust, yet later punish us for it when we’re older? You can’t expect us to stop doing something that we’ve been doing since we were kids. As a kid, I would touch a girl’s butt during recess and feel like a just won a trophy! I felt like I was the man! In middle school, sadly, I was a huge perve; I would imagine all the nastiest things I’d do to my teacher and the girls in my class. In high school, up until my senior year, I would talk to random girls I found on Instagram, Facebook, etc. All of that made me a LUST MACHINE! Today, I’m a grown man, so if I keep that same mindset, I’ll go to prison for sexual harassment, catch a disease, and ruin me and Shanti’s relationship. You won’t see the effects until it involves someone you love💔. It’s not only for guys either! In the past, I’ve dated girls who lusted over guys (and girls) right in front of my face! I hated the feeling. I felt like I wasn’t good enough. It’s okay to think someone is pretty, but if you think about sex when you see them, then that’s just lust. And when you’re dating somebody, focus on the guy/girl that you’re with, not random people you don’t know. The next time you catch yourself fantasizing about the dirtiest things you can do to the girl standing next to you, think about this: What if somebody did that to your girl, your daughter, sister, or mother? It sucks when it’s personal, doesn’t it?


P.S. Don’t forget to tell yourself “Love You Self!”

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