3 Ways To Boost Your Self Esteem🌸

High self-esteem is something that most people dream of having. We want to accept our flaws and who we are. We want the confidence that we hear everyone talking about. We want to feel loved, but not just by people; by ourselves. Of course, I still suffer from lower self-esteem every now and then, but these 3 things have increased mine a whole lot! 
1. Change Your Mindset🌸

Usually, the reason why we have a lack of confidence is because we keep thinking negatively. A way to help better ourselves is to write and say positive things more often. Wake up in the morning and write something positive about yourself. Don’t focus on the physical. Now, you might be saying, “Ashanti, my problem is that I don’t like the physical!” If you learn to love what’s on the inside, which are your qualities, you will learn to love the outside as well. Speaking things into existence will also change your mindset. Once you speak beautiful positive things such as, “I will love myself! I will love the beautiful person I am”, you will start to believe what you’re saying. And those statements that you make will get put in the universe; all of a sudden you’ll see yourself acting upon those things.

2. Stop Comparing Yourself🌸

Something that I would always do when I saw a pretty girl was “Omg she’s so pretty, why can’t I be beautiful like her?! I look like a potato next to her☹️” Instead of appreciating how beautiful we both look, I put myself down to lift someone else up. I let another girl’s beauty make me insecure because I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin. We tend to call ourselves giving another girl a compliment, though it’s not a compliment if you have to put  yourself down while doing it. Learn to accept and love your differences. God made us different for a reason right? Appreciate that! Appreciate Yourself!

3. Learn Who You Are🌸

When learning to love ourselves, we have to learn who we are! The only way we can learn who we truly are is by gaining a relationship with our creator. No, I don’t mean your mother and father; I’m talking about God. Now, everyone has their own religion that they go by. Whatever you follow, make sure you use it to learn more about yourself. Some people don’t understand how important this is, but look at it this way: if you’re trying to figure out how to learn and function a machine, who’s the best person to go to? The person that created it, right Something that I will always know in my heart is that God is love. I’m made in his image, so if I gain that personal realtionship with Him and love Him with all of my heart, then I can love myself just as much because he is in me! When we go to God, we learn so many things about ourselves. 

Loving ourselves should be something mandatory in life. One day, you will have to accept you for you. Of course, I expect you to be iffy about doing these 3 things, but wouldn’t you rather try it and gain self-love, than not try it at all and wonder why you still don’t love yourself?

Love, Shanti

P.S. Don’t forget to tell yourself “Love You Self!” 

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