5 Things I Would Tell My Past Self✨

 Have you ever wanted to go back and tell yourself the things you know now? All that suffering you went through could have been prevented if you would have just known a little bit more. The growth process would have came much faster huh? I can’t change my past at all, but if I had a chance to talk to my past self, this is what I’d say.
1🌸 Ashanti, you are beautiful and you don’t need anyone to tell you that! You are different for a reason. God thought you were so beautiful that He made you different from the others, and because He loved you, you had a hard time trying to conform to other peoples’ ways because you were meant to be different! 
2🌸 You are the smartest, most intelligent girl I know! You are not dumb! You have a beautiful, creative mind; don’t be afraid to use it, Ashanti. Never let anyone make you feel dumb just because you are different. You are not slow, Ashanti! Look at how far you’re gonna get! You’re gonna be in college with your own website!! YOU DID IT GIRL! 
3🌸 Your life is precious, so please don’t take it away. I know sometimes you feel alone, and you feel like life would be better without you. You feel like you’re the burden on everyone’s life; baby girl, you are so much more. Without you, life wouldn’t have that loving and caring feeling you bring. That beautiful smile of yours that can light up the room, all of that would be gone if you left. Don’t take it away! 
4🌸 You will find your place in this world. Of course, back then you didn’t know what you could do or what you would end up doing, but I can tell you for sure that I know you’ll find your place. One day, you’ll realize that encouraging other girls encourages you. Something as simple as typing in your notes will be the best thing that has ever happened to you. Have an open mind, Ashanti! We both know we thought blogging was so lame back then😂
5🌸 You will meet someone who sees so much in you; they’ll see things you never saw in yourself. That person will cherish you and love you, but you have to let them, Ashanti. I know that in the past you dealt with being hurt by family, friends, etc., but you can’t let your past determine your future. Let that person motivate you and encourage you. Trust me, God knew what he was doing when he brought this person into your life. Soon, you’ll see that sticking through the hardest times payed off for the both of you. Just keep God in the center of everything. I’m not saying it will be perfect, but it’s definitely gonna be worth it!

I appreciate the fact that I didn’t know those things at the time. I wouldn’t have had things to learn or grow from. I’m the strong girl I am today because I overcame my past. Yes, these are 5 things I would tell my Past Self, but if I had the chance, I probably wouldn’t; look at where I’m at right now, girl! My past must have meant something right?

Love, Shanti

P.S. Don’t forget to tell Yourself “Love You Self!” 

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