Approval Isn’t Important

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We all seek acceptance and approval. We love knowing that people like us and who we are, but it hits us hard when we find out that one person- just ONE- doesn’t like us. Lately, I’ve been dealing with this so much! Naturally, I’m a quiet person around people I don’t know, so it may come off as me being stuck up or bougie (at least, that’s what people tell me). Some people automatically don’t like me because of it, and whenever I find out, I take it sooo personal! In my head I’m like, “Why don’t you like me? I thought I was cool as heck! What did I even do to you, dude?!” I’m constantly trying to search for reasons as to why they don’t like me, and I realize I can’t find any. This is where it hit me, honey: everyone will not like you, as a matter of fact, some may feel they have reasons not to and some may have no reasons at all to dislike you. You have to accept the fact that people will be people, so don’t you dare stop being yourself for them. Girls may dislike you because you’re dating someone they like, because you have good grades, or even because you have a pink pencil! The point is, there will always be someone out there that’s gonna dislike you. Is approval that important to where you lose yourself and your originality? Is changing yourself worth pleasing people that don’t even love themselves? Something I realized the other day is life isn’t about living to be accepted, it’s about continuing to live even when you’re not accepted. A scripture that ties into this perfectly is John 15:19, “If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you”. What I took from this scripture is the idea that we will never truly be accepted by others because God makes us different from this world. You are his special work of art. A lot of people come into this world and conform to it, yet if you remain true to God and yourself, your light will shine brighter than those around you. Your presence will intimidate others. You will not conform to this world, you will change it! Just knowing that God put all of that work into you makes you wonder if approval is really that important.

Love, Shanti

P.S. Don’t forget to tell yourself “Love You Self!”

2 thoughts on “Approval Isn’t Important”

  1. “A lot of people come into this world and conform to it, yet if you remain true to God and yourself, your light will shine brighter than those around you.”
    I absolutely agree with that statement. When you remain true to God and yourself, all your insecurities (and all the negativity you have in mind) diminishes. The confidence that we all must bear is the confidence that God has in us (human beings) since our creation. Flawed as we are, His love and confidence still remains.
    I love your positive outlook in life. Convicted, all the more, by your heart for God. Awesome!

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