Blogger’s Tag🌸

🌸 Use 3 words to describe your blogging style.Uplifting, Motivational , Positive, and Floral (yeah I used 4).

🌸 If you could meant one person (dead or alive) who would it be? 
Aaliyah. Ever since I was a little girl I not only looked up to her as a talented young woman but as a life changing person. She was truly an amazing young woman that left behind a legacy that could never die. Fun Fact: She’s the reason why I started singing and dancing. 

🌸How has your blogging changed compared to when you first started?
My blogging has changed so much from last year! In the beginning, developing my own style was very hard, but over time I kinda developed it on my own. Also, when I first started blogging I started on Tumblr, now I have my own website!!! A lot has changed!! 

🌸What is 1 tip would you give to a new blogger?
BE PATIENT!!! When it comes to blogging, you have to be very patient. Your time will come for you to get noticed, but until then, you continue to put in the work. Working hard and being patient will get you far in blogging as well as in life. Remember the old saying, “Good things come to those that wait!” 

🌸As far as my blogging is concerned, I want to become better at…
I want to get better at writing for me. When I put out content, I don’t want to care about how others feel about it or what people say because I wrote it. Sometimes, in order to get where you really need to go in life, people’s opinions are gonna have to be ignored. I wrote a paper for school recently about how blogging saved my life and something I said in my paper was, “When you write for yourself, you can relate to thousands.” I think that speaks for itself.

🌸 Where do you get ideas/ inspiration from regarding your blog posts? 

Life is my inspiration. I write about the struggles I’ve gone through or are going through to help inspire someone else to make it through them. 
I hope you guys enjoyed my blogger’s tag and got to know a little bit more about Shanti. I also just want to say that I’ve reached 30 followers and I am so very thankful❤ Even though that may not seem like much to you guys, it means the world to me because I remember at one point where no one would even bother to read my blogs. I love you all💖
Love, Shanti

P.S. Don’t forget to tell yourself “Love You Self!”

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