Outer Beauty Vs Inner Beauty🌸

One day I asked Raymond, “Do I look pretty today?” Of course he was gonna say yeah, but something he said stuck out to me. He told me, “Yes, Ashanti, you know you’re pretty, but you’re beautiful too. When I call you pretty I’m admiring your outside appearance, but when I call you beautiful I’m talking about your soul, your personality, your mind. Overall I think you’re beautiful because it’s all coming out from within.” I think something we all do is focus so much on being beautiful on the outside, that we forget to maintain what’s on the inside. Think about this: what if you were stripped away of all your fancy clothing, shoes, jewelry, makeup etc.? What would you really have to offer? When you leave this earth, what is something someone could say about you besides “their style was dope”? You are you because of what you hold on the inside. The example I love giving is the Trojan Horse. Of course the statue looked beautiful and strong on the outside, but what really made it strong were the warriors inside of it. Something we also forget is that God doesn’t see these material things; he looks at our spirits, our souls, and our minds. When you leave this earth all that will be judged are those things on the inside. So tell me, do you still think outer beauty is more important than inner beauty? 



P.S. Don’t forget to tell yourself “Love You Self!” 

14 thoughts on “Outer Beauty Vs Inner Beauty🌸”

  1. Sometimes my gf would tell me she doesn’t feel she’s beautiful when she starts off in the morning, I still remind her that she truly is to me because I too am not looking at the outside but inside too when I say that, Great post 🙂

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  2. I really loved this post. It was short but strongly conveyed an important message. In our world today, I can’t help but feel that almost everyone chooses outer beauty over inner beauty which is such a mistake. I wish more people knew the truth.. Anyways, great post! Looking forward to reading more of your work 😊💖

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  3. Thanks for following me as I now get to read your blog. It is excellent. I like that this post about inner beauty was written by a young lady. I hope this can be a beacon to other young ladies to look more at what is inside. Following your blog for more inspiring posts. Stephen

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