Mississippi Postivity: The Autobots🌸

I’m very thankful to have a group of individuals that love me, accept me, and appreciate me. Individuals that create more than just a squad, we create a family. We call ourselves the Autobots. When they hear our name, they think about the Transformers. We’re more than that. We are a group of individuals who are all completely different with different passions and lifestyles, but we come together to reach one goal: spread God wherever we go. We recently had a chance to give back to the homeless in our community by making sandwiches and giving them drinks and chips. Not only did we realize how good it feels to give back, but we learned so much about the homeless that day. When a lot of people hear about homeless people, they expect them to be drug addicts, alcoholics, or robbers. EVERYTHING BAD. But do you realize that some homeless people never expect or plan to live that life? We had the chance to talk to this nice couple that had been homeless for a few days. The man said he went through a bad divorce and lost everything he had because of it. His car exploded and it left him and his girlfriend stranded. They are both good people that have to endure a bad situation that they didn’t expect would happen to them. Even though they are going through this hardship, the young man kept saying how he was so happy that God blessed us to bless him. He continued to try to stay positive even in this midst of a storm. God works in many ways and he will bless you for blessing others. When we were speaking to the young couple, a man came with boxes of pizza. He sat them down and drove off…We didn’t know this man, we didn’t even ask him his name! We didn’t have time, BUT we knew it was God. He was an angel. Another thing I enjoyed about this experience is that we noticed they all had each others back like a family. These are people that don’t know each other at all, but they are going through the same situation. We made another stop and while we were setting up the food, this lady that was homeless said, “Wait, I need to get all of them. I don’t want them to miss out on this blessing!” That made me realize how selfish we are sometimes… sometimes we don’t even treat our own families like that. It made me grateful for everything I had, everyone in my life, and for God. These people go each day worrying about where their next meal may come from, and I worry and stress over one person not liking me.. You get it? Don’t ever take your life for granted; don’t be ungrateful because there’s someone in this world that’s going through something much worst than you. Of course, right now there is nothing we can do except feed them, BUT I know one day the the Autobots will be able to change all of that! We will change the world, we will heal the world, and we will bless the world… like God has blessed us. 



P.S. Don’t forget to tell yourself “Love You Self!

11 thoughts on “Mississippi Postivity: The Autobots🌸”

  1. What a REAL thing of beauty you are doing and posting about! I love that!! Yes, people are quick to judge others and forget that they don’t/wouldn’t want to be labeled if it were them in the same situation. My God bless you in abundance!!! So happy I clicked on your blog!!!


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