Do You Still Want The Juicy Tea☕️🐸

 Why does negativity make us so happy? Why do we get satisfaction from someone’s downfall? We’re so quick to retweet and like when one of our classmates get locked up, but are hesitant to share the good that someone has done. What do we get out of this? A laugh, some likes, some tea to tell our friends? Though as soon as the script flips and the tea is about YOU, you start feeling humiliated. We continue to say that we wish more people would fill this world with positivity and wash out the negativity, yet we’re still pouring more and more foolishness back into our lives because we’re so thirsty for tea. We claim that we are the REAL generation, yet we are the biggest hypocrites. When someone is doing foolish acts, we promote them, we think they’re funny, we applaud them; when these people get put in jail for these acts, we talk about them, bash them, and sometimes forget that we do the same things they do. The only difference? They got caught and you didn’t. . . YET. We know for a fact that we’re not perfect, nor are we mistake free, so why do we crucify people when Jesus already did it for us? Something this generation firmly believes in is KARMA, but I believe in something called you “reaping what you sow”. What goes around comes around🔃. Next time you’re so quick to post about how your “friend” got put in jail, got in a fight, passed away, etc., remember that that could be you. Now I got one last question for you. . . Do you still want the juicy tea when it’s about you? 



P.S. I can not stress enough how important this is for the young generation. Negativity grows and kills you in the long run. Be mindful of what you post. I love you guys❤

19 thoughts on “Do You Still Want The Juicy Tea☕️🐸”

  1. I am not of the young generation, but I sure try to stress this point to my offspring who are. I am spending much less time on social media (other than my blogging) because it is too heavy with negativity. Thank you for the follow. ❤

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  2. Thanks for sharing, I agree – I read somethings that says “Having negative thoughts can never lead to a positive life”. By practicing positivity, it becomes who we are and what we do. Thanks also for the follow, look forward to seeing more of yours.


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