Ditch The Comfort Zone & Get A Plane Ticket🌸/ Blogger Collab 

Hey guys! I’m back at it again with some inspiration✨ I’m also doing a Collab with the beautiful Ria❤  Ria is new to the game, but she is open to any topic under the sun! She’s got book reviews, travel experiences, Exam tips, restaurant reviews, general life talks. & She’s  planning on starting product reviews and blogs on fashion soon🌸 Be sure to check out her part of Collab when you’re don’t reading! 

Ria’s Blog💕 https://themysticalpanda.wordpress.com/

Traveling is something everyone wants to do; it’s on everyone’s bucket list and we love the idea of being able to leave the norm and experience something new. If we love it so much, why are we still so hesitant to travel? Of course, money can stop you, and if you’re in my situation it’s because your grandparents are afraid to have you leave the nest for a weekend😂 BUT, a major reason is our deep fear of stepping out of our comfort zones to go explore. We automatically assume that just because we are uncomfortable, something bad will happen. We use the fact that we are nervous as an excuse to say “I just have a feeling this isn’t a good idea”. For example, my granny loves traveling, though only by car, thus preventing her from going to a lot more places in the world. She’s so afraid of flying that she feels like the second she gets on a plane, it’s gonna crash. Because she is so content with limiting herself by a car, she will never experience the pros of traveling by plane and seeing more of the world. And this can rub off on others too! Growing up, Granny has always been afraid of planes, and me only hearing the bad things about them made me just as frightened as she was! Honestly, I still have a big fear of them, even though I’ve never even had the chance to judge for myself. Because my granny was so stuck in her scared mindset, I learned to be comfortable in that same area. We will be the generation that steps out, explores the world, gains more opportunities, and meets new people! Wouldn’t you want to be able to say that you’ve been to Jamaica, New York, LA, etc? Now, I have never traveled a long distance before, but I definitely plan too in the near future because I want to see everything that God created for you and I. Stop dreaming about stepping out of the norm and JUST DO IT! Get a plan ticket, experience, and travel the world. No regrets. 



P.S. I love doing collabs, this was a great experience! If you would like to Collab with me, just let me know❤ Love you guys! 

11 thoughts on “Ditch The Comfort Zone & Get A Plane Ticket🌸/ Blogger Collab ”

  1. I’d LOVE to travel the world but my purse disagrees to that’s probably why I am always looking for cool adventures on the weekend :). This year I am making it a priority though. Cute about your grandparents 🙂 – you’re lucky to have Grandparents!! 🙂 Cherish them always!! 🙂 Of course it sounds like you already do 🙂

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  2. That would be my dream life to travel all over the world, but I think there’s still a lot to see and experience here, nevertheless, I would still love to see so many places. It would take a lifetime, and a lot of money. I get to see a lot from the travel bloggers. I look at those pictures, and wish I could be there. They have introduced me to places I would never have even heard of.
    I am afraid to fly as well. If you want to go to Europe, you could always take a ship.


      1. Besides fear of flying, I can’t afford it financially, so I have to live out my desire and dreams for travel from all my wonderful blogger friends.
        You are lucky to have been to England, that is on my list as Europe.
        Yes, a cruise would be more to my liking, but that probably would cost more than flying.
        I think my fear of flying may be lessened if I were excited enough at the prospect of actually going to those places.
        I hope you get to Europe.


      2. It may not be, I went on my first cruise last summer from Miami to Bahamas (5-day round trip) and it was less than $400 USD, which surprised me as an all-inclusive trip. Also, check out places during the off-season and book in advance…much cheaper. I started travelling locally (within Jamaica) because that’s what I could afford but ended up visiting 3 countries almost surprisingly last year after not travelling for years. Check it out, you might find something not far out your reach. You can also check my blog for some ideas of what to do in Jamaica if you ever do find yourself here. All the best!

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      3. Hi Jhunelle, that is cheap, the Miami to Bahamas, but I would also have to get to Miami. I live near Detroit.
        I have a very limited income. If I were younger, I would be more of an adventurer, and travel maybe by foot or bike.
        I have never been on a cruise ship. Have always wanted to go.
        How do you find the time to travel, that’s another question.? I’m glad you got to see so much. I was wondering about hostels?


      4. Detroit is closer than Jamaica lol, but I’m sure there are other ports you can check out that may be closer to you. I saved up for the cruise for a few months, as I usually do for my 1 or 2 “big” trips per year. For me, Jamaica is small…it’s not gonna take me more than 5 hours to get from 1 end of the island to another, so that helps with my ability to travel (locally) regularly every few weeks, mostly weekends when free from work. I’ve stayed at a few hostels in Jamaica, all of which are very affordable. There are more expensive ones as well, you just have to know what area & type of place you’re looking for.

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      5. Thanks for all the information and for stirring up my adventurous desires. I need to actually start saving money to go through with this and start seeing places that I have always wanted to.

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