LoveYOUself💘🌺 Interview with Hannah Mussette✨

Whats up LoveYOUself💘🌺 Fam Bam❤ I’m glad to be presenting you guys with another interview. I had the opportunity to interview the gorgeous Hannah Mussette🌸 She’s an amazing YouTuber & Model. She does great videos about hair, makeup, etc. My faves are her hair videos😍 if you guys haven’t noticed I love interviewing different people, especially young girls to show that we can influence and change the world. NO MATTER WHAT AGE! I hope you guys enjoy✨

 Me: How were you introduced to YouTube and what influenced you to do it? 
Her:  I was introduced to YouTube when I was around 13 and I first started watching Youtubers that did makeup but I didn’t notice a lot of youtubers that were my skin tone that did makeup. So I wanted to start my own channel originally to help out others finding ways to do their makeup. 
Me: How old were you when you first started YouTube and was it rough? If so, what made it rough and how did you get through that stage? 

Her: I was 13 when I first started my YouTube. It was definitely tough because I struggled to be myself in front of the camera and I was BORING! Not being myself definitely slowed down the flow of subscribers. I got through that stage in 2016 when I just let go and I became myself: more goofy and more open to talking about my life and who I am.

Me: When you told everyone about your YouTube channel, were you scared? How did you friends and family react? 

Her:  I wasn’t scared to tell everyone about my YouTube because I wanted the support. I wanted to know my friends and families opinions on my channel and what I could do to make it better. 

Me: How important is self love to you? What are things you do to maintain your self-esteem? 

Her: Self love is very important to me. I went through middle school and half of high school being bullied about how I looked and my weight. It’s very important to let girls, young girls especially, that it’s okay to love your body for the way that it is and it’s okay to look different than the girls that are in the media. To maintain my self esteem, I ignore what people say about me or my size. As long as I’m happy other people’s opinion doesn’t matter.  
Me: What motivates you to keep making YouTube videos? 

Her: I love the reaction I give my viewers. Most of the time it’s a positive reaction and I love it. Knowing that I can help someone or put a smile on their face from just being me is what keeps me going. I love it. 

Me: You post a variety of videos on your channel, but which ones do you enjoy making the most? 

Her: I enjoy making natural hair videos the most because it’s a learning experience for me since doing the “Big Chop”. When I post a video on my hair I feel like I am helping others who may be in the natural hair journey as well by showing them how I take care of it or style it in a protective way. 

Me: You have influenced and inspired so many of your viewers on YouTube, but who inspires you?

Her: I watch a lot of Youtubers but I wouldn’t say just one inspires me. 

Me: What goals have you set for yourself in the future? What do you plan on doing with your life? 

Her: I plan on maintaining my YouTube until I’m like 100 years old but I also would like to keep pursuing my career as a model. I hope modeling works out but if not, I plan on going to college to be a dental hygienist and living a normal life. 

Me: What words of encouragement do you have for someone that wants to start their own YouTube Channel? 
Her: I would say to definitely be yourself. Do not hold back on who you are because there are people that are going to love your personality. Just keep doing what you love, do not stop because of a few negative comments. There are always going to be haters. 

Me: If you had the chance to boost someone’s self-esteem and encourage them to love themselves, what would you say? 

Her: I would tell them “Look into the mirror everyday. Just stare into the mirror. Tell yourself everyday that you love you. You love everything about you. Every insecurity and every flaw you love because that’s part of you, that’s who you are. Dont change for anyone. Love yourself and all of your flaws.” 

I hope you guys enjoyed this interview💕 Thank you so much guys for supporting me through everything! If you want to get to know more about Hannah, I will have all of her social media links down below✨



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