LoveYOUself💘🌺 Interview with Rachel Cantu💕

Hey LoveYOUself💘🌺 Fam Bam❤ I’m back and I’m better than ever✨ Today I’m here with an interview for you guys! I got to interview the beautiful Rachel Cantu💕 If you don’t know her, which I doubt you wouldn’t, She’s a YouTuber that has the joy for makeup and she is also diagnosed with scoliosis. She has been a big inspiration to the YouTube community because she has been very open with her battle. It was an honor to be able to interview such a strong, beautiful young woman! I hope you guys enjoy🌸

 Me: What inspired you to become a YouTuber? 
Her: I was at a really hard time in my life (that sounds so dramatic but I was just going through a really hard time.) and a lot of the reason why I was having a hard time was because of my scoliosis and feeling different, alone, and not belonging so I decided to do something better with the situation I was given and put my “story” out there and letting other people they aren’t alone 🙂
Me: How did your love for makeup start? And when did you realize that makeup was something you wanted to do? 
Her: I’ve always been interested in it but last summer was when I started practicing daily and I just really really loved doing it. I get so hype when I do my makeup and when I stay interested in something I know it’s something I should stick to.
Me: When were you diagnosed with scoliosis and how did you react learning about it? 
Her: I was diagnosed in 5th grade and I was shocked because I’ve never heard or seen about it and knowing I had it was really strange to me considering I never knew that it existed. 
Me: What gave you the courage to tell the YouTube world about your struggles with scoliosis and how has it helped you and your viewers? 
Her: I thought that putting myself out there could potentially benefit people and I thought that was more important than what other people thought about me. Its helped me so much and I can’t really explain how, it just gave me so much confidence and control over my situation. A “this is me and I’m okay with it” sort of thing 🙂
Me: What motivates you to keep making YouTube videos? 
Her: The DMS I get when people say I’ve really helped them out with their situations. When they know they aren’t alone and say I’ve inspired them!
Me: How much has your life changed because of YouTube? What are the pros and cons? 
Her: It hasn’t changed too much but it has helped me a lot and it does make me really happy and I have something to look forward to everyday when I read people’s comments and things like that. Mostly pros here haha but things like meeting new people and feeling special and loved! Cons are irrelevant compared to that haha but not living up to people’s expectations may be one. 
Me: Have you ever been bullied because of scoliosis and if you have, how did you cope with it? 
 Her: I haven’t but I have been laughed at. I cope with it by focusing on what I think of myself. I’m going to have to live with myself forever, not the person who may laugh at me. So in the end my opinion is the only one that matters. 

Me: What goals did you set for your YouTube channel and what do you expect in the future from it?
Her: My main goal is to reach out with people with Scoliosis and really try to have an impact and raise awareness. I don’t really have many goals follower wise but it would be a dream to hit 100k woah. And I don’t really expect much? It would be a miracle if I could do it for a living but that’s what I’d like to do 🙂
Me: What words of encouragement do you have for someone that wants to start their own YouTube Channel? 

Her: Go into it trying hard to be yourself! Not the other way around. It’ll be difficult at first but that should be the main goal in the end. (To be comfortable with yourself and being confident enough to show the world that you know?)

Me: If you had the chance to boost someone’s self-esteem and encourage them to love themselves, what would you say? 

Her: Focus on you!! A lot of your self esteem could be effected by what others think, but anyone’s opinion on you is irrelevant because they aren’t you! They can’t tell you how to feel about yourself. Everyone is beautiful and I believe that. God created everyone in his image and that’s so greatt so just keep that in mind!
I hope you guys loved this interview as much as I did❤ If you want to get to know more about Rachel I will have all of her social media down below✨

Shanti🌸 RachelCantu

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