LoveYOUself💘🌺  Interview with Forever Ki3rra✨

Hey loves💕 I have such a love for interviewing people which is why I’m back with another interview with the beautiful Kierra✨ She’s a YouTuber that has been known to always keep it real & Keyonce keeps it even more realer! She has brought joy and laughter to the YouTube community  and much more💕 I hope you guys enjoy this interview✨

You are very bold when it comes to talking about how you feel, How are you able to have that voice for yourself?

Her: I’m able to make that voice for myself because growing I was always taught to speak what I feel no matter what anyone says. If I think something is wrong or I disagree i’ll voice my opinion on it but in the most respectful way.
How do or would you deal with hate comments? A How would you help someone that is having a hard time with hate comments? 
Her: I rarely get any hate comments. I’ve only seen 3 on my entire channel but to anyone who is having a hard time with hate comments.. IGNORE THEM! Keep doing you and achieving your dreams

What motivates you to keep making YouTube videos? 

Her: My subscribers definitely keep me motivated! They’re like best friends I never had. I love the feed back they give me. I love when they snapchat me or dm on instagram telling me they love my videos. It’s a great feeling.

At some point in your life have you ever had bad self esteem? How did you overcome it?
Her: I’ve had really bad self esteem 6th & 7th grade that’s when I first started middle school and everything was different so I compared myself to others a lot. I overcame it though by learning the values of self love & turning my flaws into something I love most about myself now.

Not only have you inspired the YouTube community you have also brought joys, laughs, and a bunch of realness. How do you feel knowing that you are giving people reasons to smile? 

Her: It’s a feeling I can’t describe. When people tell me they admire me or I inspire them it’s still shocking to me because I remember the times I didn’t smile & always felt down and wasn’t I happy so to know I bring joy to someone’s day just by uploading a video.. I love it and I want to keep doing it!!

What goals have you set for yourself in the future? What do you plan on doing with your life? 

Her: Some goals i’ve set for myself in the future as far as youtube is of course to hit 1 million subs one day and I want to start some sort of girl empowerment for those who aren’t confident, lack self love, just things like that. What I plan on doing with my life? I want to be my own boss. I want people to work for ME. I want to own a really successful business. Maybe like my own skincare line since I know the struggles of acne which I know can bring down a lot of teens confident..

What words of encouragement do you have for someone that wants to start their own YouTube Channel? 

Her: If you want to start a youtube channel just do it!!! Don’t wait, don’t think you need some expensive equipment just do it and have fun and ALWAYS be yourself 100%. It has to be a passion because if you only doing youtube for “money” then you aren’t going to get anywhere truthfully.

What inspired you to start making YouTube videos? How old were you when you started?
Her: I knew I had the potential to be something and I always thought it was fun to talk to the camera which sounds weird & one day I came across a grwm video I can’t remember who channel it was and every since then I wanted to be a youtuber

 How did your friends and family react when they found out you had a YouTube channel?

Her:  My family took it as a joke at first and I still feel like they do lol I don’t think they understand the whole “youtuber life” & my friends always been supportive they encouraged my since day 1 to keep going.

If you had the chance to boost someone’s self esteem and encourage them to love themselves what would you say? 

Her: I always encourage people to love themselves and never depend on anyone for YOUR happiness. I feel like you should be your own source of happiness why let someone else determine it? I always tell people to look in the mirror and reflect.. you say good things about yourself you’ll feel good.. if you say bad things about yourself like “i’m ugly” or “I wish my nose was smaller” you’ll always look in the mirror and see that flaw. Learn to love everything you hate about yourself the most.

I hope you guys enjoyed this interview and if you want to get to know more about kierra, I will have all of her social media links down below✨



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