Unfriend, Block, And Delete🤳🏾

As you began to turn into a young adult, you start to outgrow a lot. You have different mindsets and goals. The same activities don’t excite you anymore, you have interests in different things, and 9 times out of 10, you are trying to become a better person for yourself and your future. Unfortunately, everyone in our lives don’t have those same goals, and some of those people might be the closest ones to you. For example, high school drama was something that all teenagers had to experience. Let’s be honest here, that’s what high school is known for! Some of the best times came from all the craziness that was going on! On the other hand, once you graduate and step foot into the real world, drama is the last thing on your mind. We also have to remember that everyone doesn’t think this way. Everyone doesn’t make plans or have goals that they want to achieve; everybody wants to win, but who’s willing to put in the work? Which leads me to my next point: It’s time to UNFRIEND, BLOCK, and DELETE! We’ve all had that friend or best friend we’ve been close with for a long time, but you’ve noticed something about them; they haven’t changed AT ALL. Now, I’m not saying that in order to grow you have to change every single thing about yourself, I’m just saying that you shouldn’t be a grown woman/man who still gets caught up in tons of drama. You get me? They still haven’t matured! It gets to the point where their moods and problems rub off on you and stress you out. This hinders you from blooming into the woman/man you need to be. You love them and want the best for them, but you’ve realized that you both are going on different paths; you may need to leave them behind. I’ve definitely reached this point in my life. It’s funny how when I was young, I threw around the word “best friend” a lot; though, as I got older I realized that only 2 were striving for the same things I was striving for- growth✊🏽 It’s sad, but in order to sprout, you have to get rid of the chains and links. Once you get around people with the same focus as you, you will be happier, stress-free, and you will love yourself more💕 So I challenge you guys to UNFRIEND, BLOCK, and DELETE anyone that means you no good. Watch how your life transforms and see how much you flourish✨ You might be saying, “Ashanti, she’s my best friend! I can’t just leave her behind, I’ll be alone”. Something that I’ve always heard is, “when you ask God to remove something negative out of your life, he will replace it with something full of love and positivity”. Are you willing to stop improving yourself and achieving goals for your so-called best friends? Are real best friends supposed to hinder you or help you? The real question is: are you willing to UNFRIEND, BLOCK, and DELETE?🤷🏾‍♀️


P.S. Thank you so much for all of you guys support! I love y’all so much and I can’t wait to grow with you all! Let’s teach 1000❤ Share with all your friends and family! And don’t forget to tell yourself “Love You Self!”

21 thoughts on “Unfriend, Block, And Delete🤳🏾”

  1. I love it and totally agree.. Everyone is not meant to be there throughtout your journey and sometimes we have to leave those that we care about behind.. Its unfortunate but necessary for growth.. You have an amazing spirit, a strong mind, and a beautiful heart.. Keep writing.. Words of encouragement offer healing and motivate us to be strong. Youre awesome!!

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  2. This is excellent advise. I so this literally every quarter, sometimes more frequently. We don’t need negative or inappropriate association in our lives. The laws of Karma are infallible. And what’s worst, when we hang around with the wrong people, it’s entirely possible that their bad Karma will rub off on us. So yes, Unfriend, Block, Delete.


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