Why Does Life Happen🤷🏾‍♀️

 Why does life happen? I honestly don’t know why. Life has a funny way of throwing unexpected things at you. You live each day normally and comfortably and all of a sudden, you get a call that could possibly change your life. You’re scared, worried, and confused. Even though those three feelings are the biggest emotions we try to stay away from, those are the things that actually make life exciting. Of course, when you’ve been comfortable your whole life, you don’t expect things to change for you. It’s kind of sad that we’ve gotten so used to the same life and we don’t expect anything new. Then God comes out of no where and says “since you’re comfortable, it’s time for me to make you uncomfortable”. We say and understand that we need to change things in order to adapt and grow, but it’s not that easy if you’ve been living your whole life a certain way. Maybe you’re afraid to change your life, you’re afraid of heartache, or even afraid of the possibility. God knows that you have fear, and because He is a God that loves us so much, He will never put anything on us that we can’t bear. He also would never intentionally bring heartache into our lives. Anything sent by Him is the right thing for you. He knows what we need, what we’ve been praying for, and what we desire the most. This is why prayer is so effective! Sometimes we think, “why should I pray if God already knows what I need and what I’m going through?” He knows, but He also wants to know if you’re humble enough to come to the Father for guidance. He wants to build a relationship with you and He wants you to pour into him. We may not know why life happens, but God always knows. Sometimes we don’t know what we want as soon as we ask for it because we’re not ready, but when the time comes, He will give you what you need the most. Right now is my time and I’m ready for life and everything that’s gonna happen.   



P.S. I know this was a shorter blog but I just had to express myself. I love you guys for all the support and I’m glad we’re growing to be an actually family💕 Things are getter better and better things are coming. Don’t forget to tell yourself “Love You Self!” 

4 thoughts on “Why Does Life Happen🤷🏾‍♀️”

  1. Very true that God loves us so much that he would never allow us to bear what we couldn’t. Agree wholeheartedly that prayer can be a powerful thing as well. Great share for others!


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