My First Blog Post On Tumblr✨

Hey LoveYOUself💘🌺 Fam Bam❤ Its going to be about a year that I started blogging and I wanted to celebrate that with me posting the first blog post I ever wrote! Many of you guys don’t know before I came to WordPress, I use to blog on Tumblr. That was the beginning for me❤ I hope you guys enjoy✨

As young girls, we fail to realize how beautiful we are because we don’t appreciate and accept our flaws. In today’s society, flaws are something we’re suppose to be ashamed of, things that we hate about ourselves. The world has placed an image of how girls are suppose to dress, act, look etc. Its so normal to us that we also began to set images in our heads of how we’re suppose to look. If we keep on doing this we will never see our true beauty and we will continue to hate the things that make us different from others. Instead of seeing our flaws as something to hide or to run away from, see them as something that makes you unique from all the other girls in the world! Accept this challenge and learn to accept your flaws!


P.S. Don’t forget to tell yourself “Love You Self!” 

7 thoughts on “My First Blog Post On Tumblr✨”

  1. Hello, I love your blog and your attitude, please feel free to check out my blog as I have just started and would love to have your support!!!


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