Stop Being Selfish & Let Him Use You❤

Wassup Lovebugs✨🐞 Today I wanna talk about SELFISHNESS. Now I’m not talking about material things/gifts. I’m talking about your spiritual gifts. The gifts that God gave you to honor him. Everyone has that one thing that their naturally good at, That’s your gift! A lot of times we know these things are our gifts but we sit on them because we are so afraid of what the world might say about them. THAT’S SELFISH! Don’t you know that there is someone in this world waiting on you to change their life. See, God gave us these gifts to lead and draw his people to him. Your voice, your words, your music, etc. Those simple gifts that are within you can save someone from killing themselves, it can give people something to live for. It encourages someone to do better, because you are an example to them. An example of what God can do for you when you let him use you. We seem to forget that these aren’t our gifts to begin with. These are Gods gifts that he placed within us , because he felt that we were strong enough to use them to glorify him. Just as quick as God gave us these gifts, he can surely take them away. Sometimes we know what our gifts are but we give up on them because we feel like we aren’t making any process, we feel like we aren’t getting anywhere. For example, recently I posted on my snapchat that I would stop posting for a while because of a family death. I was giving up because I felt as if my world was crashing down, But I had to realize that he gave me this gift to help the world. If I can help the world, I can help and encourage myself✨ Quitting on my gift would have only delayed my blessings and my growth in him and my gift. Stop being selfish and realize that your gift isn’t just for you. So many people watch you and look up to you, people that you don’t even know. Your story, your journey isn’t just for you, God’s allows all of these things to happen so you can go out and encourage and guide more people. You can save nations & generations with the gift God placed in you… If only you would stop being selfish and just let him use you🤦🏾‍♀️
1 Peter 4:10✨💕

As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.

Love, Shanti🌸

P.S. Stop being selfish & And change the world with your gift beautiful people❤

5 thoughts on “Stop Being Selfish & Let Him Use You❤”

  1. Beautifully said. Though we may come from different backgrounds, geographies and may follow different religions, have different faiths, I am in complete agreement when you say we must let God use us. In fact, this is our very mission this is the very purpose of our birth. We are part of God’s plan, His army. Why are people in denial? I think it’s because, we have simply forgotten about our eternal association with God, due to material contamination. Live your article. Keep em coming.


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