What’s Your Purpose🤔

I think the hardest part about being a college student is figuring out what you want to do for the rest of your life. Most people seem to have this all figured out in high school, believe it or not some middle schoolers have an whole written out plan for their life. I’m definitely not in that position, I’m still struggling with my career. In my head I’m just like “How the heck am I suppose to know what I’m going to do my whole life! I’m 18 and I plan on living til I’m 100!” When I was younger I said I wanted to be a chef, when I was in middle school I said I wanted to be a lawyer, then in high school I said I wanted to be an social worker. Now I’m in college confused again🤦🏾‍♀️ I’ve changed my mind many times based on my opinions and also others. Being an chef and lawyer was something I was interested in as a child ,because others told me I should be that, but social working is something I found love it. The only thing is people around me feel like social working is a bad career it’s self. Because of other people’s opinions I’ve began doubting myself and my ability to do it. All I hear is “Be a Lawyer, Be a Nurse, social working is stressful and they run out of work. Nurses and Lawyers never go out of work” I’ve also noticed that everyone wants to be a nurse now and days. Which is nothing wrong with that, but I’m beginning to think is it because society told them they would never lose work or is it because they actually have a love for it🤔 Now and days we choose careers because of the money, not because this is something we actually want to spend time doing. Having an Career that you actually don’t love weights you down, it makes you hate life. I know for a fact that God didn’t put me on this earth just to work a stupid job that I have no interest in. Think about it, what is something you really and truly want to do? Write, draw, sing, and dance? I bet society told you that’s not a steady pay check! You’ll never become big with that career. You’ll be just like the other thousands that didn’t make it. My question is why does everything have to be about money? I believe that if you are doing something that God called you to do ,you will always get payed, you will always survive, and you will always be successful. My challenge for you is to do what you love regardless of the money, regardless of people’s opinions. Is money really worth you hating your life? Don’t you believe that God will provide for you no matter what? Are you doing what you really want to do, or are you letting society plan your life instead. Love,

“Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails” Proverbs 19:21✨

P.S. I love writing and speaking, I love helping, and I love to encourage. Maybe I’ll be social worker/ motivational speaker🤷🏾‍♀️

10 thoughts on “What’s Your Purpose🤔”

  1. Peop;e change their minds during a career. that is why reading. writing ant arithmetic are so important. If you can do these coupled with your stellar good looks, you will do fine in whatever you chose.

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  2. Hi honey. Do what your heart tells you to do. My heart told me to be a hairdresser at your age but my mum made me do shorthand/typing.
    Now I’m 50, I’ve hated my work life and regret not following my heart. There’s no telling where our journey will take us, but enjoy it you must, after all we’re not here that long. Good luck my sweet 💜

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  3. hi ashanti, no matter u do. know the purpose, find the meaning. and be happy. most people die at 20 but aren’t buried till they’re 80. all the best.

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  4. You’re right that if you do what your heart, soul and God tell you to do you’ll be fine. Yes, it’s pitiful that we chose based on money. Do what you love and it won’t feel like work. I had a job once making pretty good money but I hated it so much that I quit, took a job for about 25% less money which was a rough adjustment but it lead me to my job of over 20 years that I love so trust YOU😃

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  5. Great post Shanti. You have a lot of wisdom young lady. It ain’t about the money!!!! Its about relationship and that relationship must begin us and God above. When the up and down is healthy the horizontal always seems to line up.


  6. Your purpose is clearly to inspire others, I loved this. I wish more people promoted being themselves, there’s nothing better in this lifetime than just being ourselves!


  7. I’m nearly 40 and still trying to figure it out! You’ve written a lovely post that makes me wish I’d had your self awareness when I was your age. Take it from somebody who knows, you must follow your passions. Don’t settle for anything less.


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