The Real Ashanti✨

I realized when I made LoveYOUself💘🌺 I never formally introduced myself to you guys. I just wanna show you guys the real Ashanti💕 Hi, My name is Ashanti Chanel Martin✨I didn’t grow up with a prefect life, I was raised by my Grandparents and didn’t always have a relationship with my parents. Ive always questioned my worth because I didn’t grow up knowing who my father was. I struggled years with bullying because my teeth weren’t straight enough, I was never smart enough, I was never thick enough. I just wasn’t enough, but I got through all of those things and I honestly don’t know how but I know it had to be God. I’m now a college student that’s STILL finding her place in this world. I have so many passions like music, dancing, singing, & writing. Yet I don’t do most of them because I’m afraid of what about the world might say. I also have many fears like not being liked by people because I fear not being accepted. I still wake up in the mornings and struggle with telling myself I am beautiful. I still struggle with loving myself & others. I still struggle with my anger & being petty. “How can you still struggle with these things Ashanti but you promote self love?” Because I’m human…Do we forget that? I’m not perfect nor do I perceive myself to be. I started LoveYOUself💘🌺 not just for the people but because I needed it more. Everything I’m writing I’m learning along with you guys and I never want you guys to forget that. When I write my lessons about loving yourself, being positive not petty, changing yourself.. I’m talking to Ashanti Chanel Martin because guess what? I’m a girl that goes through life struggles just like all of you. When I write my goal isn’t just to reach someone but it’s to cleanse myself of all that’s been hindering me. Just because I have this blog doesn’t mean I’m just this new person, that’s prefect, with no problems, and I’m just telling people to do this and that. I have this blog because I’m not prefect, I have problems, and I’m learning how to get through them each and everyday. The world had this crazy idea of thinking you have to be prefect to create a movement. A movement was created to move people to change, & in order for someone to create a movement something has to cause them to move. Movements & blogs aren’t created by perfect people. They are created by humans that make mistakes but find passion in something that gives them hope to do better and live better. All I’m asking is that y’all just see me as Ashanti. Not Ashanti, the church girl, with the blog about loving yourself. Ashanti, the girl that was broken, but she took those broken pieces and built something that gave her hope & faith, and others around her. Please just see me for who I am. I’m no better, no less. We are all equal, We are all beautiful, and We are all learning to love ourselves a lil bit more. 
P.S. Love everyone even your enemies❤ You never know what they might be going through. Humble yourself enough to pray for them, speak to them & be nice to them. If you have an issue with ANYONE mend it, because you never know when you or that other person is gone & grudges aren’t allowed in heaven. 

5 thoughts on “The Real Ashanti✨”

  1. I see you as a beautiful person inside and out. Girlfriend, don’t you dare waste any of that glorious energy and faith of yours doubting what people will think of your singing, dancing and writing!! I believe God make us the way were are for a darn good reason!! Thank God for your Grandparents for raising you to be such a fine young lady too and bless them for it! Not of one of us I don’t think can say we come from issue free families either so take comfort that goes for you too 🙂 – just some family stuff is hidden from you of other people’s lives. You keep on being the Ashanti we have all come to adore!!


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