Love For The Bugs✨🐞| 20 things every Christian needs to know🌹 

Positive Reminder🌸

🌹Don’t flirt the world– Stop playing with temptation. Don’t put yourself in the position to do so. Think before you do anything! 

🌹 Take a stand and be your own brand– Make something and create something of your own. Do what makes you happy. Do what god created you to do. 
🌹 You don’t have to have it all figured out– Just do what God created you to do and God will always have the plan.

🌹 Your choices should have far more to do with your values than your friends– People aren’t always gonna believe what you believe , don’t choose your life plan because of your friends expectation.

🌹 Character is everything – your values, your morals. 
🌹 You are not weird– Everyone is different. Being different helps you stand out. That’s how God created us all. There is no such thing is normal. Even normal is considered weird. 
🌹 If you had to choose between being respected or liked choose respect– No matter how hard you try everyone isn’t gonna like you. 
🌹 You will outgrow people– You might change but everyone doesn’t have that mindset. You can’t take everyone where god is trying to take you.
🌹 Be thankful and you will be happy– God will bless you if you praise him even when a storm is going on. Be thankful for what you have and he will give you more than you need. 
🌹 Be humble– Remember God gave you everything you have, and he can take that away. Love everyone even your enemies. Be humble and still respect them. 
🌹 Take personal responsibility for yourself– You are accounted for your sins no one else.

🌹 Say I’m sorry– Stop being prideful, humble yourself to know that you are wrong.

🌹✨ Learn from others mistakes– What wisdom don’t teach you reality will✨ Don’t follow the footsteps of the ones before if the plan didn’t work for them. Go by God’s plan.

🌹 Be confident– Love Yourself & Know your worth 💎

🌹Be smart not just educated– School smarts doesn’t mean you are just the smartest person in the world, school doesn’t teach you everything you need to survive life. 

🌹 Live like God is right beside you because he is– If you call yourself a Christian you should be striving to be like him everyday.

🌹Jesus– He is our foundation. 

🌹Cultivate a good work ethic– Plan out and build a system that will help you grow.

🌹 Never just settle in and give up– Get uncomfortable never get comfortable. When you are comfortable you are more prone to give up, put yourself in a new space & surrounding. 

🌹Laugh and love– Love your enemies regardless. Have no other reaction other than love.


P.S. Shoutout to my youth pastor for teaching me these things , so I would be able to teach y’all as well🤙🏾

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