Black Gals With Magic & ✨Sprinkes of Self Love✨| Rio-Jay🌹

Hey LoveYOUself💘🌺 Fam Bam💓 Today I’m coming to you with a project that is very special to me. Growing up as a black young woman I suffered from a lot of self esteem based on how society looks upon black women, but I want all of that to change! Today I gathered questions to 8 beautiful black woman about their experiences with low self esteem, gaining self love, & becoming a strong black woman✊🏾 I hope you guys enjoy ✨

Interview Questions 🌹

🌹 Introduce yourself *name, age, fun facts about yourself*

Hi, my name’s Rio-Jay, I’m 25, from London. I’ve spent the last two years travelling while trying to navigate life and really falling in love with the woman I’m becoming in the process! 

🌹 In your eyes what is a strong black woman?

Is there really such thing as a weak black woman? If you take a look at history, what our ancestors had to endure and overcome, what we as black women today continue to overcome, how can we be anything other than strong? As strong black women we are resilient, smart and most importantly, unapologetic!

🌹 Was there ever a time when you weren’t accepted because of your color or appearance? How did you feel about that?

I remember being headhunted for a position and being asked to attend an interview early the next day. I was in the middle of doing box braids which I knew wouldn’t be finished in time so was honest and told them that. The recruiter asked how I was doing my hair (I’m sure she was thinking wtf? How can you start your hair today and not be finished tomorrow). I told her I was putting it in braids and she asked me to describe what they look like, she then proceeded to amplify the fact that this was a ‘high end’ client and that my look would need to fit the brand. I was insulted, but I wasn’t hurt. I felt sorry for her and the world that we live in. I am not my hair! And if people can’t see beyond that, that’s fine. Imma still shine! I immediately told her I wouldn’t be coming for the interview and never contacted her again!

🌹 When did you start to notice your flaws? How did you come to accept them? What are some of your flaws that you have accepted or haven’t accepted? 

I think I’ve always been quite aware of self but I never had the desire to work on fixing my flaws until about 4 years ago and seriously, 2 years ago. I kind of took the fake it till you make it route and outwardly embraced them even then I didn’t fully believe it internally. It was a journey but eventually, I really started to believe what I was telling myself and the world and here I am today, perfectly imperfect. I’ve accepted that I’m not perfect, I won’t always be the best and that’s ok because what’s for me, won’t pass me.

🌹 When did you first begin to love yourself unapologetic, without nothing holding you back? What steps did you take to build your confidence? 

I started my blog Lost in London in 2015 and I think pressing publish on a piece called ‘I moved to Spain alone to love myself’ was the first time that I was honestly and openly unapologetic and the moment I really started to love myself unconditionally and unapologetically. I’d been open to the world about my flaws and suffering with depression. Letting the world know ‘hey, this is me. Love it or hate it, this is my story, my truth and I’m not going to hide it because some of you may judge me for it.’

I don’t even think I was confident about it all back then, but just by holding my hands up and accepting my truth, it really helped. If I can tell you everything that’s ‘wrong’ with me, what can you ever say to hurt me? I already know I’m a work in progress, like, take your sh*t elsewhere and go find your own peace.
🌹 What are physical and internal things you love about yourself? 

Physically, my smile and my eyes. My eyes really are the windows to my soul. Internally, my heart. Every good thing that’s happened to me in life, I put down to me having a clean heart and good intentions.

🌹 What would you say is the most beautiful thing about being a black woman?

Wow. I’m really struggling to come up with one thing. I guess being a part of this natural unwritten sisterhood that we all share.

🌹Who are some women that inspired you and helped you to embrace your culture?

I’m not sure it ever really took an external factor, I’ve always been proud of who I am and where I come from. I guess my mum would have had an influence in this as she raised me and my gran is a proud Jamaican woman. My dad also made sure to take me to Jamaica often as a kid and then I became really in touch with my culture and knew (partly) where I came from.

🌹 If you could change one thing about society, what would it be? 

I just want everyone to live and love in peace man. For people to stop putting energy into things that don’t matter and live a happy life. When you’re happy, you don’t have time to spread hate or negativity.

🌹 What would you say to someone who deals with self-esteem because of their color, race, and where they come from? 

Embrace who you are baby girl, you’re all you’ve got in this world. Self-esteem starts with self. Only you have the power to overcome. Be proud of your skin tone and where you come from. Surround yourself with women/girls like you who will LIFT YOU UP, not drag you down.
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