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Interview Questions 🌹

🌹 Introduce yourself *name, age, fun facts about yourself*

Hey! My name is Grace Jackson, I’m 15 and going into sophomore year of high school. My main hobby is being an athlete. I play volleyball and basketball. I also go to a predominantly white private school in Montgomery, Alabama. When I say this I mean it wasn’t until this year that I wasn’t the only black girl in my whole class. I’m not the average unapologetic black girl :).

🌹 In your eyes what is a strong black woman?

In my eyes a strong black woman is someone who has gone through adversity, but doesn’t let that shake her morals and who she is as a person. Her tenacity when tested is the strongest, and she knows how to defend herself in an intellectual way that portrays her in a strong way, not necessarily crazy. I know that the stereotypical image of a black woman is angry, crazy, and loud. I believe a strong black woman can be those things, but knows when it is okay to be those things. A strong black woman is a woman that when she walks in a room people know that she is not one to be messed with because her presence is that strong. 

🌹 Was there ever a time when you weren’t accepted because of your color or appearance? How did you feel about that?

Growing up in a predominantly white school, yes, there were plenty of times that I wasn’t accepted. I felt very outcasted and below everybody because of it. I started noticing my “flaws” when I was really young. I remember in kindergarten when all of the other girls had straight hair, and I never had straight hair like them because I had an afro, and my mom went and took me to get my first perm. I also remember that there was a point in time where my mom had to sit me down and explain to me that not everyone at my school is my friend. When I was younger I used to let people walk all over me, and that really hurt my confidence and self respect. This has always been kind of hard for me because I am also a little more introverted than others. I have always been the darkskin girl, and have had an acne problem all my life.

🌹 When did you start to notice your flaws? How did you come to accept them? What are some of your flaws that you have accepted or haven’t accepted? 

I came to accept myself by beginning to find friends outside of my school who encouraged and uplifted me. This later resulted in me respecting and loving myself because of a kind of ripple effect. I recognized that I have to separate school and my private life. Some of my flaws that I haven’t completely accepted yet is my acne and scars on my face, and me being a little more introverted than others. I also haven’t accepted my hair. I did a big chop last year and my hair is shorter then most people now, but I have joined the natural hair team. I have accepted my role in my school, and realizing that not everyone can be your best friend.

🌹 When did you first begin to love yourself unapologetic, without nothing holding you back? What steps did you take to build your confidence? 

I recently started to love myself unapologetically. This started after a breakup that I had with a guy that I dated for two and a half years in a very toxic relationship. We broke up around the end of January. I know, it’s kind of ironic that this is what opened me into loving myself. He used me in a very bad way, and I remember that night being the lowest I have ever felt about myself. However, after that night I made it my mission to not change for anybody, and to not let anybody see that I was sad about it. I started making posts on all my social media just literally preaching positivity. When they say that you have to talk things into existence you literally have to. I would get up and every morning take a shower to the songs Just Fine by Mary J. Blige, and There’s Hope by India.Arie. Of course, it hurt, but my personal way of getting through was talking about my problem to my mom, and my bestfriend. Those are two people who I know will never leave me and who genuinly love me. I kept going about my days everyday just deciding to be happy. I was genuinely sick and tired of being sick and tired. I simply deleted all the negativity I could control out of my life. Whether that be people, pictures, music, or anything. If it didn’t make me happy it couldn’t stay. If I could help anyone else to learn how to build your confidence, I would definently say SPEAK IT INTO EXISTENCE. At the end of the day, if you don’t believe in yourself then it won’t happen. You have to tell yourself your popping, your okay, your the best you that you can possibly be. Do these things until you start to feel and believe it, and the rest will come. Trouble don’t last always.

🌹 What are physical and internal things you love about yourself? 

Physically I love my body, being an athlete that is always one advantage that I will always have. Also, I think that I’m sort of pretty sometimes haha. Internally I love the way that I think and I love being more observant than others because I can pick up on who is real and who isn’t going to be there for me in the end. Also I have trained myself mentally to always try and pick up the positive in everything. 

🌹 What would you say is the most beautiful thing about being a black woman?

The most beautiful thing about being a black woman is the strength in what you have once you realize what you have. What I mean by that is sometimes people try and throw you down because they know your untapped potential. Once a black woman realizes how powerful she is and the impact she can make, it is absolutely breathtaking.

🌹Who are some women that inspired you and helped you to embrace your culture?

My mom and my volleyball coach inspire me all the time to embrace my culture. My mom does because she is always willing to tell me the greatness in my that I can’t see sometimes. My volleyball coach is because she is my definition of a strong black woman that I described earlier. When she walks in a room it is almost like the aura of the room completely changes. No matter what crowd there is, black, white, or anybody else. She is so confident in herself, and such a role model that I aspire to be like that. 

🌹 If you could change one thing about society, what would it be? 

If I could change one thing about society it would be the barrier that black women seem to have when it comes to major accomplishments. For example, it shouldn’t be such a shock that black women can be lawyers, doctors, and hold other positions like that without anybody’s help. The world shouldn’t assume that black women can only be a certain amount of successful. I can see this changing soon though because we are getting tired of it, and I foresee us breaking more barriers than anybody ever thought we would. 

🌹 What would you say to someone who deals with self-esteem because of their color, race, and where they come from? 

If I could say one thing to someone who deals with self esteem is at least try your best to tell yourself everyday that you are not what you hate about yourself. If you think that you aren’t cute tell yourself everyday that you are fine as wine and nobody can beat you. It sounds crazy and cliche, but I can tell you from experience that it works. You may feel like you are lying to yourself for a while, but eventually it is going to click. Once it clicks and you start believing it, that is when amazing things happen, and you start to accomplish things you never thought you would be able to accomplish. 
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