Black Gals With Magic & ✨Sprinkles of Self Love✨| Whitney Abigail🌹

Hey LoveYOUself💘🌺 Fam Bam💓 Today I’m coming to you with a project that is very special to me. Growing up as a black young woman I suffered from a lot of self esteem based on how society looks upon black women, but I want all of that to change! Today I gathered questions to 8 beautiful black woman about their experiences with low self esteem, gaining self love, & becoming a strong black woman✊🏾 I hope you guys enjoy ✨

Interview Questions 🌹 

🌹 Introduce yourself *name, age, fun facts about yourself*

 Hey I’m Whitney, I’m in my twenties and I once saved a sea turtle from dying. I have a little obsession with mermaids and I love Michael Jackson.

🌹 In your eyes what is a strong black woman? 

A strong black woman is someone who is unapologetic in their existence. Someone who can recognize strength in weakness and vulnerability. A strong black woman is confident in their being and does not need to compare or put down others to be self-assured.

🌹 Was there ever a time when you weren’t accepted because of your color or appearance? How did you feel about that? 

Luckily no. But I have experienced stereotyping and micro-aggression. I have been lucky to grow up in the diverse city of London but I know if I lived in a more rural area racism and discrimination would be a more common experience. Although I haven’t experienced blatant racism, I can see clearly the institutional racism that persists in our education and legal systems and our workplaces.

🌹 When did you start to notice your flaws? How did you come to accept them? What are some of your flaws that you have accepted or haven’t accepted?  

I have always been aware of my flaws. Maybe that is because of capitalism, comparison, the media or just general self-loathing. But recently, when I entered my twenties I stopped seeing my flaws as a negative. Flaws are a part of who you are, they make you who you are. Your flaws will teach you lessons and allow you to grow as a person. Accepting your flaws, understanding them and learning how to make them work for you is key to self-development.

🌹 When did you first begin to love yourself unapologetic, without nothing holding you back? What steps did you take to build your confidence? 

Again when I entered my twenties. I can’t believe I didn’t properly love myself for a whole TWENTY years. Damn. Once I realized my flaws, my struggles were what made me me. I stopped seeing myself as not enough as not good enough. In my head I changed my perception of me. I am the only person in the world who is like me. So I am perfect. Not perfect relative to other people because that’s not what I mean, but perfect as myself. This positive view of myself really helped build my confidence. It was a change of perception first and then me practicing confidence.

🌹 What are physical and internal things you love about yourself? 

 I love my personality, my openness to things and perspectives and my kindness. In terms of physical traits, I love my skin when I get a tan. Melanin and the sun go well together.

🌹 What would you say is the most beautiful thing about being a black woman?

 Being Black and Being a Woman. Being both simultaneously and being able to navigate life in the society that we live in is a hard but beautiful occurrence in itself.

🌹Who are some women that inspired you and helped you to embrace your culture?

Unapologetic, loud, ratchet, fresh, hood, boujie, nerdy black girls. All the varieties of black made me love myself. Also, Audre Lorde, bell hooks, @thetrudz on Twitter. I am both black and a woman. Every variation of black girl helped me to embrace my culture. We are all unique individuals. 

🌹 If you could change one thing about society, what would it be? 

 I wish everyone had equal opportunity to achieve their aspirations, hopes and dreams.

🌹 What would you say to someone who deals with self-esteem because of their color, race, and where they come from? 

These are things you can never change about yourself. Life is beautiful. Your background, race, colour and creed are unique to you and all make you you. Don’t waste the next 70 years hating the beauty within when you can be your greatest lover.

If you wanna see more of Whitney’s Black Gal Magic ✨ Follow her social links below🌻







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