Black Gals With Magic & ✨Sprinkles of Self Love ✨ | Adetutu Olatawura 🌹

Hey LoveYOUself💘🌺 Fam Bam💓 Today I’m coming to you with a project that is very special to me. Growing up as a black young woman I suffered from a lot of self esteem based on how society looks upon black women, but I want all of that to change! Today I gathered questions to ask 8 beautiful black woman about their experiences with low self esteem, gaining self love, & becoming a strong black woman✊🏾 I hope you guys enjoy ✨

Interview Questions 🌹

🌹 Introduce yourself *name, age, fun facts about yourself*

My name is Adetutu Olatawura, I am 27 years old born and raised in Nigeria. 

🌹 In your eyes what is a strong black woman?

A strong black woman is a woman who knows her flaws and continues to thrive. A woman who sees the faults in this world but yet lives for others. 

🌹 Was there ever a time when you weren’t accepted because of your color or appearance? How did you feel about that?

When I first moved to America, I was not accepted at all. It was the hardest time of my life learning to assimilate while being rejected by the people. At the time, it ate me up and completely devastated me. 

🌹 When did you start to notice your flaws? How did you come to accept them? What are some of your flaws that you have accepted or haven’t accepted? 

I started noticing my flaws at such an early age because society likes to point those things out to you. I came to learn quick that Americans are obsessed with body images which is opposite from where I’m from. Due to this, I started dieting at such an early age and it took me until I had my son to finally accept them. I have never been small especially being so short, I’ve always been average. When I had my son, I gained more weight but I have never felt more sexier in my life. For some reason I felt empowered because I brought a human to this world. I am a superwoman because my body housed and birthed a person. If that doesn’t improve your confidence, I don’t know what will. 

🌹 When did you first begin to love yourself unapologetic, without nothing holding you back? What steps did you take to build your confidence? 

After I had my son, it was like a light bulb went off in my head. I started accepting myself for who I was, a loud mouth, loving, opinionated, no nonsense woman. I realized that not everyone in this world will appreciate my beauty. And honestly, people see what you show them. If I show you I’m beautiful by escuding confidence, damn it you might start to believe me .

🌹 What are physical and internal things you love about yourself? 

Physical, I love my eyes. They’re the first thing you see when you look at me. You can’t escape it, it’s captivating and striking and I love it. 
Internally, I love my ability to move on in life. I try to keep it moving and never let anything get me down. My motto is, the past is gone, how can we move forward and I thank God that gave me the spirit of perseverance. 

🌹 What would you say is the most beautiful thing about being a black woman?

The most beautiful thing about being a black woman is our will to overcome. It’s like God gave us an extra dose of perseverance. We are the backbone in our home. The glue that keeps everything together. We love so hard sometimes it hurts. We fight so hard even when the world is against us. 

🌹Who are some women that inspired you and helped you to embrace your culture?

Of course my mother. Even after we moved to the states, she made sure she kept the culture alive in us. The stories she shared, the way she continued to raise us, the language we spoke, the food we ate, the music we listened to, etc all stayed consistent. My mother had this saying in our language “Ron ti omo enj ti won she” which literally translates to remember who’s child you are. What it really means though is always remember where you are from, take that with you everywhere you go. 

🌹 If you could change one thing about society, what would it be? 

The hate that seems to be permeating this world. I can’t believe sometimes when I read some hateful comments on social media. The internet has really revealed how evil people are and I wish people were just better. 

🌹 What would you say to someone who deals with self-esteem because of their color, race, and where they come from? 

Life can be hard but it can be beautiful and so are you. I know it’s hard to accept the things you cannot change but when you accept those things, oh how sweet life can be. You only have this one life to life, do not let it pass you by. Where we come from helps shape us into who we are. Who do you want to be? What do you want to be remembered for? Figure it out while learning to love yourself all the way.

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