Love For The Bugs✨🐞 |Keep A Clean Spirit 🌹

Today’s Positive Reminder 🌻
Have you ever been surrounded by a clutter? You feel like you have no space in your room & not any air to breath. You feel stuck! You’re tired of seeing this mess in your room! YET after you clean your room, you continue to clutter it again. Let’s relate this spiritual. One thing that we NEED to do to become free with God & ourselves is to clean our spirit! When you don’t have a clean spirit you’re not growing, you’re stuck in the same place, you feel like you can’t breath without something else bad happening to you! We say we want clean spirits YET we junk them right back up by the negative clutter WE ALLOW in our lives. Aren’t you tired of the clutter? Another example, Let’s say you have a white car that represents purity, and the dirt represents your sins, everyone’s know no matter how hard you try you WILL get that white car dirty. As children of God we are called to live pure and blameless lives that reflect his holiness, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. Have you ever realize it’s easier to cause a clutter than to keep something clean, you’re not going to be prefect! But that fact that you strive to be more like Jesus everyday counts! Stop letting the clutter cover your greatness, your love, your spiritual beauty… STOP LETTING IT COVER YOU✨ 
🌹 Matthew 5:8
“The pure heart is blessed, for they will see God.”

Shanti 🌸

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