LoveYOUself💘🌺 Giveaway

I will be hosting another giveaway that I’m very excited about. My boyfriend has such a love & talent for art and I wanted to make him apart of LoveYOUself💘🌺 He usually charges for his drawings, but you will get a chance to get a free drawing of yourself done by my boyfriend Ray Smitty🤙🏾

Rules are below ✨

1. All you have to do is tell me what self love means to you. You can comment & email if you would like💓

For extra entries✨

1. Reblog this post!

2. Follow me & Ray  on Twitter @LoveYOUselfAC & @ray_smitty0  and Retweet and like the giveaway tweet.

3. Follow me & ray on Instagram @ Shantichanel & the_smittifier  and like and comment on the giveaway photo.

4. Post a selfie on your Instagram or twitter with the hashtag #LoveYOUself💘🌺 and tag me in it! 


I hope all of you guys enter & enjoy hearing each other inputs on self love! I love you guys ✨ I also will be reply to comments soon. I know I have slacked up due to being busy but just I really really love you all! I thank God for you each & everyday.



2 thoughts on “LoveYOUself💘🌺 Giveaway”

  1. Self love to me means that I am no longer conforming to society’s view of how I am supposed to be in life. It means that I am doing what I want to do because it is something that I like to do for me. Self love to means that I am taking care of myself and not degrading, or placing myself in self-sabotaging situations. Self love to me also means that I have come to accept who I truly am and what my purpose is in life right now. Growing up, I always questioned who I was and how I was supposed to look because I was always told how I was supposed to be and look, and in most cases the advice and direction I was being given was not right for me. Some of that guidance and advice was also coming from people who assumed I was a certain way and did not truly know me. The closer I have become to God, naturally and on my own, the more I have increased my self love by learning to love myself even more.


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