Love For The Bugs✨🐞| God Is EVERYTHING ✨

Positive Reminder 🌻
You are my strength, because I can’t handle what life throws at me alone ✨You are my peace because without you I can’t forget about the memories of hurt and pain I’ve been through ✨

You are my voice because you speak through me when I can’t speak up alone ✨

You lift me up even when I put your word down✨

Amazing grace, when I didn’t deserve to live, when I could have been dead you saved me ✨

You are my eyes when I can’t see the light. You guide me through the darkness✨

If funny how we say you’re everything but I’m becoming to realize you really are everything and even more💓

You are the answer, you are the solution, you are the light, you are the peace, you are my strength, you are love, you are faith, you are everything I’ve been needing✨ 

I have faith that I will grow, I have faith that my relationships with grow, I have faith my family with grow, I have faith that my enemies will grow. It’s time to let go and have faith in EVERYTHING, because without faith I have nothing. Without you I have nothing… ❤️



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