YouTube Channel ✨

I just started a YouTube Channel 💓 Surrounded by Self Love & Positivity ✨ I really would appreciate if you guys went & subscribed to my channel! Comment a 🌻 flower emoji under my YouTube vids if you came from my blog❤️ Here’s the Link:  



6 thoughts on “YouTube Channel ✨”

  1. Shanti, I absolutely love your channel!! 😀 ❤ . I just watched your high school advice/experience vid (which I really needed!) and I really connected to you on your last point, which was bullying. I had all of those negative thoughts when I was only 12 years old, and now two years later I feel so much stronger. Realizing how beautiful and special you really are, is truly a breakthrough when you have all of those negative thoughts in a pessimistic mindset. I may not be Christian, but as a Muslim who does believe in God, it really did make it easier in those times.

    I love your personality, you really made me laugh when you said that part about your grandma, and how she would force you to go to school 😀 😉 .

    Lots of hugs,

    Aqsa ❤


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