You’re God’s Princess 👸🏾 ✨

There are a lot of young woman on this earth that have grown up without having that father & daughter relationship or even knowing their father at all. I can definitely relate! I feel like a lot of people and men don’t realize how not having that father & daughter relationship can affect a woman’s self esteem, her future relationships, & her over all outlook on life. Because my father was absent from my life I turned to others to show me the love that I never felt from him, which lead me into a bad relationship and even more horrible self esteem. I know for a fact I’m not the only girl that has felt/feeling this, and I want all of my beautiful princess to know that y’all are not alone. Here’s are some tips & words of encouragement that I’ve learned to help any girl through this journey 💓

Realize you are still BEAUTIFUL
You are not any less of a woman because of this situation. You are still a STRONG, BEAUTIFUL, and SMART young woman and nobody can take that away from you. Don’t let this affect or ruin the beautiful person you are. Don’t let this situation define you because you are not and never will be your situation. You don’t look like anything you’ve been through, because even when you went through the worst you STILL came out looking the best 💓

It’s not your fault

You can’t help that your father wasn’t around. This isn’t your fault. A lot of times us as woman like to blame ourselves for a man’s actions when they don’t have anything to do with us. Stop blaming yourself for things that you don’t have any control of. EVERYTHING happens for a reason and even if it doesn’t seem right to you, just know that God always has a plan and everything in his plan leads us to victory in the end.

You don’t need a man to fill that void

A lot of times when we don’t have that relationship with our fathers we turn to other men to fill the void. Your intentions might be innocent, but theirs might be different. Because we don’t know what love is at a young age we always get love & lust confused when we are dealing with guys. Love is more than sex, gifts, dates, etc. it’s greater than all of that. You don’t have to go out looking for love because their is a man that is willing to give you that love & everything else you need. GOD✨

You can have that father & daughter relationship with God

You may not have that physical father & daughter relationship but that doesn’t mean you can’t have that same relationship with our father God, because he loves you even more❤️ God’s love is more stronger that any love a man could ever give you. It’s everlasting & unconditional✨You are truly his beautiful princess 💓 Stop filling the void with temporary relationships, sex, etc. & Let God come in your heart and mend all that has been broken through this process.

Shanti 🌸

5 thoughts on “You’re God’s Princess 👸🏾 ✨”

  1. I don’t know what to say. I know I have been in the wrong relationships before, but I did not know why. I was immature, my father and I don’t really have the usual father daughter relationship. We are a little distant, I know he loves me, I love him too, but it’s just not like the others. My friends they get along with theirs fathers well, they talk to them in a friendly way which I never do. Thank you for writing this.


  2. Well said and very empowering/encouraging! For me, it wasn’t my father that was absent but my mother. My father had to work a lot harder so he was barely around for that reason and I dealt with the same issues seeking the love elsewhere. I have now learned my worth and building a better relationship with God💛


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