Fearfully & Wonderfully Made 🦋✨

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Positive Reminder 🦋

One of the biggest things everyone struggles with is our bodies. No matter what our bodies look like, people will always find something negative to say about it. Why? Because society is NEVER pleased & the people that make up society aren’t even pleased with themselves. We’ve all heard that bible saying “You are fearfully and wonderfully made” but we never truly get it because we are focused on our physical temporary circumstances. Look beyond those circumstances. LOOK ON THE INSIDE. On the inside of our bodies we have bones, cells, organs, blood, etc. Our body is So complex that even if we are missing what we need our body will use its other parts to keep us going. Let’s be real no Big Bang could have created something that complex & beautiful. Thank God that you are alive & that you have a functioning body. None of us will never be fully accepted by society because we aren’t of this world but you are accepted by the person that matters the most. Our GOD❤️ Be thankful for the body that you have and realize it’s beautiful no matter what size! When you feel beautiful & whole on the inside your physical circumstances change ✨ Your life changes & society changes🗣

Psalms: 139💓
Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous ✨

Shanti ❤️

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