What Christmas Means To Me✨

Hey guys, I just wanna say I’m so thankful for each and everyone of you💓 This is also a collab with http://DaisysBeaute.com She is literally so amazing and beautiful! Check out her blog post about Christmas 💫

Growing up Christmas was just a holiday where I got everything I had wanted all year, or at least half of I️t. I really didn’t see any meaning behind I️t, bedside the fact that everyone was so much nicer during Christmas. I️t was always the same routine. Wake up early, open up presents, eat with the family, and then ignore them for the rest of the day and play with my gifts. Believe I️t or not, I️t wasn’t til last year that I really understood what Christmas was about. I remember stressing so much because I wanted to get gifts for my family and boyfriend but I didn’t have the funds to just splurge. I was crying, beating myself up, and begging my family and friends to not buy me gifts because I knew I wouldn’t be able to return the favor. One night I was on YouTube and I saw handcrafted Christmas gifts in the recommended section. I saw all these cool ideas, so I decided this Christmas I was gonna make gifts for everyone. Yes I️t was a cool idea, but I was still embarrassed at the fact that I had to just make them. I felt like they would just look at them and laugh, but through the process of me making these gifts. I️t helped me realized how much I truly loved them and honored them. Christmas came and I was so afraid to hand out gifts but I did and I was so surprised at the reaction I got. My granny cried and my pawpaw was speechless. I wrote each of them letters thanking them for all the things they had done for me. I also decorated a mini mailbox and I put letters and candy in them. I made my boyfriend an “Our future” book with drawing of our life and future together and he literally jumped for joy. I realized that day that thought matter more, Effort matters more, and Love matter mores. The whole point of Christmas isn’t to show someone how you can splurge on me, it’s to show someone how much time and effort you can put in to make them happy. I love you guys✨ MERRY CHRISTMAS🎄

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