Trust, Hustle, and Let God Do The Rest 🌸

✨We’re in a generation where people are able to show and share their creative minds with their music, art, blogs, etc. and what do we call this? Hustlin, grindin, doing whatever we gotta do to get to our dreams. But are we trusting our hustle more than we are trusting God?

✨ Our generation has this attitude of trusting no one, just hustle, but we also love to ask God to give us opportunities to get closer to our dreams. We forget that our grinding wasn’t the only thing that got us those opportunities, it was God! We forget because we don’t have BALANCE! We don’t have the balance of knowing that we need to hustle with the understanding that I️t is God we are trusting and not ourselves. And most of the time if we do trust in our hustle a little too much, God will humble us by allowing us to fall flat on our faces.

✨ Let’s apply this to the Bible. David and Goliath is one of my favorite stories because it has so much meaning for every creative person in this world.

David was a small boy willing to go up against a Giant because he trusted that God would lead him to victory. He understood that he had to HUSTLE up the courage to defeat him, but he also TRUSTED that God would open the door for his victory. Because he understood that he alone couldn’t conquer the Giant, he was able to trust in a man that could! Imagine if David had a prideful attitude, thinking he could defeat the Giant because he was strong enough. God would have allowed him to fall!

✨ Moral of the story: hustle knowing that God will open those doors for you because you trusted in Him. God has given us so many gifts and talents and all He wants is for us to do what He created us to do and let Him do the rest by sending the right people our way, speaking to the right people about us, and leading us to our victory!

Scripture✨ Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;

~ Proverbs 3:5



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