Show Self Love For The New Year💫

✨ Self love is so important not just for you mentally, but also physically. When we hear self love, we think of “I need to tell myself I am beautiful” and “I love myself”. We assume its all mental, because self love does have something to do with how we view ourselves. The way you view yourself also determines how you take care of yourself. One of my top self love tips is pampering yourself! You don’t have to go out and spend money, you can literally do these tips at home. Homemade body scrubs, face masks, hair masks, etc. It’s a proven fact that you start to love yourself even more when you do small beauty treatments. I partnered up with Ogle School to show you guys how to stay beautiful and full of self love on this upcoming New Years holiday✨ If you’re unfamiliar with the Ogle School, it is a school for cosmetology and esthetics with multiple locations. I will have a link below to all of their beauty tips and I will be doing my own today on my Insta Story✨ Give yourself the love you deserve and have a beautiful beauty day!

Ogle school✨ “How to survive the holiday season beautifully” :

Link to my Insta Story✨

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