This is Instagram✨

The biggest killer in our generation is social media. If I don’t follow you, don’t like ya post, then I got beef with ya. Protecting my peace is out the door. Get back on my leash and post more, about my life and how happy I am but really behind closed doors, I’m weeping cause I don’t love myself, it was all a facade. An illusion to make you think I got it all figured out. On the inside I’m really struggling with boldness and pride, but instead of posting my truths, I’ll rather post a big lie and act like I got fruits from no labor.

Cause my pride is rising higher. I wanna hear them shout louder, “amen!” “You did it girl!” “Keep on growing.” Girl I get tired. You telling me I have to keep track of my following list, and make sure my biggest enemies are seeing all my pics. The algorithm got me mad, so I’m liking more pics, don’t even like your content but I’m trying grow mine sis.

I wish I could still have my innocence, times were simpler then. I didn’t need likes, a man, and friends to make me who I am. I wasn’t contemplating suicide cause it wasn’t all in face. I didn’t constantly see negativity , I wasn’t in a competition with my race. Instagram what have you done to me, I wanna escape. I just wanted to be great, but instead I’m losing more than I’m gaining and that’s the fact we all gotta face.

1 thought on “This is Instagram✨”

  1. I love this!!! You’re very bold and beautiful to expose your truth. And it’s a truth that a lot of people endure but will never speak on. Thank you for exposing the enemy.


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