Are you a puzzle piece or the master’s piece?

When we were born,we were conditioned to fit in places that were comfortable. As a baby, you wear clothes according to your size and where you FIT. It can’t be too big or too small, it has to FIT. Fast forward, being a young adult. The plans we make have to FIT in our schedule. You been at school all day with no food, you not about to take an extra credit class that ends at 3:58 and happy hour ends at 4:00. We look at our lives like a puzzle piece. When something doesn’t look comfortable, doesn’t make sense, stretches our faith, or simply doesn’t FIT into the world’s standards, we say “ That’s not possible.”

Mary and Joseph gave birth to a KING, that was born in a manger. Not a royal place, with the high priest, and people all around them celebrating, but in a manger around stinky animals. How does that make sense? We could all relate with joseph when it comes to things seeming strange, testing our faith, and things not going as planned. When Mary told Joseph, “An angel came to me and told me ,You will give birth to a king.” on top of that she was already pregnant?! He was thinking “ Girl, are you crazy, you really think i’m going to believe in that?” Similar to how the world thinks right? We can’t process someone’s purpose because it seems impossible, so we push others to be comfortable in OUR standards. We also forget that we serve a God that creates and overcomes the impossible. God’s vision that he has for you will not make sense but it makes faith. God wants to place you where you belong, but sometimes it takes feeling uncomfortable, being doubted by family and friends, and not understanding the bigger picture. God may not answer all of your questions when you want him to, but when you asked him “God are you still here with me?” He said “Yes! I will always be here with you, I will never leave you or forsake you.”

Max Lucado wrote a poem called Joseph’s prayer saying,

“ I’m unaccustomed to such strangeness, God. I’m a carpenter. I make things FIT. I square off the edges. I follow the plumb line. I measure twice before I cut once. Surprises are not the friend of a builder. I like to see the plan before I begin. But this time I’m not the builder, am I? This time I’m a tool. A hammer in your grip. A nail between your fingers. A chisel in your hands. This project is yours, not mine. I guess it’s foolish of me to question you. Forgive my struggling. Trust doesn’t come easy to me, God. But you never said it would be easy, did you?”

Having faith in a world full of puzzle pieces is hard. You constantly have to fit according to plan, but being the Master’s piece, God will create all the missing pieces to YOUR puzzle, plan, and purpose. So you tell me, what are you?


Shanti 🌸

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