Fav Fit Of The Week🌺

Hey HoneyπŸ’«

A lot you guys know that I love to thrift shop because I’m a baddie on a budget πŸ’“ I didn’t really think a lot of you were interested in my clothes until y’all would ask about my outfits deets. I know how hard it is to find cute and affordable clothes that make you look dope πŸ’« So every week I’m gonna shop you my fav fit of the week πŸ‘—βœ¨

Biker ChickπŸ’« Shirt✨ I made my tube top out of an old pencil skirt! Costed me 0 dollars 😊 Jacket✨ Regular Polo Jacket, 4.99 Jeans✨ Mom jeans, 3.99 Choker✨ Boho Queen Jewelry: https://bohoqueenjewelry.com/collections/chokers/products/floral-choker, I have a coupon code with them “Boho Queen” I hope you guys enjoyed my first fashion post πŸ’“ I can’t wait for many more in the futureπŸ’«