Meet This Week’s Featured Lovebugs🐞✨

Whitney Abigail,22,London,U.k.
What inspires me to love my self is the fact that there are 6 billion + people in this world and there is only one of me. I am a unique individual and I should love myself because I am unlike any body else on this planet. Also in order to give love to someone else you must first love yourself wholeheartedly otherwise you will not love someone else properly. In loving yourself comes strength.

Shay Lett,18,Mosspoint,Ms.
I love myself because I’m God fearing and virtuous.

Shakyia Grooms,17,from Florida, but reside in Atlanta Ga. Currently attends The University Of Alabama


Growing up I was not the cutest, as a matter of fact I could say I was quite ugly. I was your average girl; the only difference was I suffer from a skin condition called Eczema which started taking over my life. I did not see myself as a beautiful person. I started to doubt myself  up until high school, but then something sparked inside of me I started to embrace the skin I live in. I wore my arms out more, I showed my legs I was accepting my beauty for what it was. I stopped trying to be the girls you see in magazines and started appreciating my beauty. My friends supported through it all. So I guess you can say what inspired me was the backlash I got from others. It showed you have to love yourself first, or nobody else will and so far my life has changed for the better.

Ashley Smith,19,Mississippi

Just recently I began to love myself again, and the reason why is that I have siblings and cousin that look up to me and love me. They always ask me how to be like me but always said you can’t you can only yourself. I also neglected the things that God sent toward me for me because of depression but I just knew I couldn’t let myself down anymore, I wanted to be happy for me. I need to hear myself breathe again. 

Nikki O,22,San Dimas California
I am choosing to love myself especially this upcoming year because since I was 13 I have struggled with depression and negative thoughts. I tend to be my own worse enemy. This is what inspires me to love myself. This past year I got a little better at being kind to myself but I know that I am a very passionate and outgoing person and I plan to appreciate those characteristics and love myself even more.